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Tropilite Foods empowers culinary professionals, from seasoned chefs to aspiring bakers, with the tools to create food masterpieces. We foster a sense of culinary exploration, encouraging our customers to elevate their dishes and embrace the world of gourmet dining.

Every product that bears the Tropilite Foods label carries the flavors of dedication, quality and passion. Our promise is to provide you with not just ingredients but a culinary journey imbued with artisan excellence.


Who We Are

Tropilite Foods Pvt. Ltd is a renowned manufacturer of food ingredients, catering to the institutional, bakery, dairy and HORECA sectors since the 1970s. With a stellar reputation in the market, we have experienced tremendous growth by consistently delivering top-quality baking products.

Our diverse product range includes bakery premixes, cake gels, glazes, fillings, cake decor, non-dairy whipped topping cream, cooking cream, ice-cream stabilizers and emulsifiers, Bioflex culture for curd, probiotics, and more. At Tropilite, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution for all your baking, culinary and dairy ingredient needs.

Our Brands

Largest supplier of baking ingredients

Largest manufacturer and supplier of baking ingredients

The master chef’s secret ingredients for culinary magic

The master chef’s secret ingredients for culinary magic

The master chef’s secret ingredients for culinary magic

Starter cultures, stabilizers & innovation for dairy magic

The master chef’s secret ingredients for culinary magic

Tropolite’s assorted, secret ingredients for gourmet magic

Our Vision

To judiciously deploy modern scientific and technical tools, consistently cover all the health and hygiene related bases, and proactively provide our clients newer and novel products in excess of their demand and imagination. And, to apply our thoughts and actions via R&D with an ever widening vision.

Our Vision
Our Mission

Our Mission

To empower our customers everywhere by working with and for them and deliver to them a unique combination of profitable and usable best practices and capabilities to maintain quality and continually improve their product offerings.

Our Strengths


Tropolite has pioneered several innovative products; has a 50-year track record invested in a comprehensive kitchen for developing recipes, and has also received innovation awards.

Great Value

Tropolite pioneered import substitution in ice-cream and bakery business, numerous packaging options that offer great value, and is a trusted supplier to quality buyers.

High Quality

Tropolite is used by the top bakeries and restaurants, and is a trusted partner to thousands of food service providers. We have state-of-the-art factory with NABL certified quality control labs.

Our Presence

Tropolite’s Team & Network is spread globally

  • Our Head Office and Manufacturing Plants are located in Gwalior (Central India).

  • Our Marketing & Sales Offices are in India (across Delhi, Mumbai and Ludhiana) and in Dubai, UAE.

  • Our strong network of 600+ distributors is spread across the country.

  • Our sales channels are globally present across 12+ countries - India, Dubai, Nepal, Bangladesh, Qatar, Congo, Australia, Kenya, Indonesia, Oman, Bhutan, Burundi, Angola and more.

  • International product quality

  • Robust sales channels across the world

  • Customized food solutions and ingredients for restaurants and food chains

  • Deep penetration into Tier-II & Tier-III towns & cities


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Tropolite has been at the forefront of food innovation since the 1970s. We are the largest manufacturer & supplier of ingredients for the bakery, culinary and dairy food industry, serving customers across India and the Middle East.

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