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Tropilite is the first food ingredient company in India to be certified for HACCP Food Safety management system by the globally renowned TUV-Mitte of Germany.


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At the nucleus of innovation and craftsmanship, Tropilite Foods Pvt Ltd stands as a testament to relentless pursuit of excellence in baking, culinary and dairy ingredient research, analysis and manufacturing. Our state of the art Factory is equipped to foster creativity and precision for crafting the finest food ingredients that will elevate your every culinary creation to a masterpiece.

Our Patents

  • Patent Number: 449435

    An Artificial Liquid Cream for utilization in unsweetened cooking application and whipping application.

  • Patent Application No.: 202121041639A

    Process for the production of lactiplantibacillus plantarum NCIM577 (App no. 202121041639A) published on the patent office journal no 13/2023 dated 31/03/2023 page no 29526

  • Patent Application No.: 202121041638A

    Scale up and production of lactiplantibacillus plantarum NCIM577 (App no. 202121041638A) published on the patent office journal no 13/2023 dated 31/03/2023 page no 29525

  • Patent Application No.: 202221009333

    Probiotic Formulation for treating Metabolic Syndrome

Our Publications

  1. Enhancing the mechanical and biological performance of a metallic biomaterial for orthopedic applications: Fundamental Biomaterials: Metals, 355-370
  2. Probiotics: Nutritional Therapeutic Tool: J Prob Health 6 (194), 2
  3. Medical grade biodegradable polymers: A perspective from gram-positive bacteria; Fundamental Biomaterials: Polymers, 267-286
  4. Commercial production of {Streptococcus thermophilus} for indigenous curd starter culture; Journal of Biotechnology
  5. Concise Review: Importance of Probiotics Yogurt for Human Health Improvement; IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology 9 (7 …
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  10. Conventional method for saponin extraction from Chlorophytum borivilianum Sant. Et Fernand; Global Journal of Research on Medicinal Plants & Indigenous Medicine 3 (2), 33
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  12. Characterization of lactic acid bacteria from raw milk samples of cow, goat, sheep, camel and buffalo with special elucidation to lactic acid production; British Microbiology Research Journal 3 (4), 743
  13. In vitro induction of tuber formation for the synthesis of secondary metabolites in Chlorophytum borivilianum Sant. et Fernand; African journal of Biotechnology 12 (20)
  14. Gymnema sylvestre: an alternative therapeutic agent for management of diabetes; J Appl Pharm Sci 2 (12), 1-6
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  19. Factors affecting in vitro propagation of Momordica balsamina: a medicinal and nutritional climber; Physiology and molecular biology of Plants 17 (2), 193-197
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  21. Biotechnological intervention of Agave sisalana: a unique fiber yielding plant with medicinal property; Journal of Medicinal Plants Research 4 (3), 177-187


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Certified Company



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