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Artisanal Cake Icings & Decorations

Size : 1Kg

Shelf Life : 24 Months

Tropolite Fondants transcend the ordinary, offering a palette of colors that seamlessly blend into your artistic vision. Whether you're envisioning a lavish wedding cake or a whimsical birthday masterpiece, our fondants provide a smooth finish in multiple colors, allowing you to turn your creative dreams into delectable reality. Crafted for discerning bakers who seek more than just decorations, our fondants are a testament to sophistication and innovation in cake decoration and icing. 




  • Versatile for Rolling, Coating, and Figurines: From rolling out seamless sheets to coating cakes and crafting intricate figurines, Tropolite Fondants are a versatile addition to your culinary toolkit.


  • Smooth Finish in Multiple Colors: Tropolite Fondants offer a spectrum of colors, each with a smooth finish that transforms your cakes into visual delights.
  • Flexible and Easy to Handle: Craft with precision. Tropolite Fondants provide the flexibility and ease of handling needed for intricate designs and detailing.
  • Perfect for 3D Shapes and Stability: Sculpt culinary wonders effortlessly. Tropolite Fondants are your ally for creating 3D shapes and providing stability to your cake designs.


Creamy, Smooth Finish: Experience the unique formula and meticulous mixing process that result in a creamy, smooth finish, adding a touch of luxury to every cake.

Product Details

Sizes Available


Shelf Life

24 Months

See packaging date.


Store in a cool & dry place in the tightly closed original packing.

Usage Directions

  1. Smear a coating of dairy cream or butter cream on cake surface.

  2. Take desired quantity of fondant to knead or mix in a dough machine

  3. In order to prevent sticking during the rolling of fondant into thin sheet, sprinkle a little corn starch or powdered sugar

  4. Drape the fondant over the cake adhering to the top & sides of the cake

  5. Remove the excess fondant & reseal it in a polybag.

  6. Decorate the cake as desired

  7. Cover cake and put in the freezer to freeze


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