Neotrop Whipping Cream

Neotrop Whipping Cream

Neotrop Whipping Cream Neotrop Whipping Cream Neotrop Whipping Cream Neotrop Whipping Cream

Non-Dairy Whipping Cream

Size : 1Kg

Shelf Life : 12 Months

Welcome to Neotrop, where innovation meets indulgence in the world of non-dairy whipping cream. Crafted for modern epicurean tastes, Neotrop Whipping Cream is more than a cream; it's a canvas for your culinary dreams. Join the avant-garde of bakers, ushering in a new era of dairy-free decadence with every whip. Neotrop Whipping Cream is our classic non-dairy whipping cream loved by bakers for its rich, creamy texture and versatility. It's the secret behind many exquisite cake and dessert topping creations.




  • Versatile Culinary Companion: Neotrop transcends boundaries, making it the ideal companion for a myriad of culinary applications. From luscious cakes to heavenly desserts, Neotrop turns every creation into a masterpiece.
  • Easy Integration into Recipes: Seamlessly integrate Neotrop into your recipes, allowing you the freedom to explore without compromising on taste or texture.


  • Stability Without Compromise: Achieve unparalleled stability in your creations without compromising on the delightful texture. Neotrop stands as a testament to performance excellence.
  • Enhanced Whipping Volume: Elevate your bakes with Neotrop's exceptional whipping volume, ensuring each creation boasts a light, airy texture that captivates the senses.


  • Creaminess Beyond Compare: Indulge in a sensorial experience with Neotrop's creamy texture, rivaling traditional dairy creams. Let every bite be a revelation of decadent delight.
  • Elegance in Presentation: Elevate the visual appeal of your dishes with Neotrop. Its smooth consistency adds an elegant touch, turning your culinary presentations into works of art.

Product Details

Sizes Available


Shelf Life

12 Months

See packaging date.


Store Frozen (at or below -18°C in its original packing).

Usage Directions

  1. Thaw under refrigeration (2°C to 7°C) for 10-12 hours & shake well before use.

  2. Pour into cool bowl upto 20% of the bowl capacity.

  3. Whip on medium speed until product start to thicken then on high speed until soft peaks forms.

  4. Use whipped cream for icing & decoration of cakes and pastries or any other intended use.

  5. Store whipped product under refrigerated condition.


*Be careful not to over whip. Over whipping may result in cracking of gateaux.

Store whipped product under refrigeration (0°C to 5°C).


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