Wonder Ganache

Wonder Ganache Wonder Ganache Wonder Ganache Wonder Ganache Wonder Ganache

Wonder Ganache

Infuse Chocolate Ganache Magic In Your Desserts

Size : 500gm

Shelf Life : 9 Months

As you delve into the world of Wonder TL chocolate ganache, prepare to be captivated by its intense chocolate taste and a buttery mouthfeel that glides over the palate. This ready-to-use ganache is more than a topping; it's an experience that imparts a smooth, glossy surface to your cakes, creating a visual and sensory masterpiece. With amazing stability upon setting, Wonder Ganache ensures your desserts are not just delightful to the taste but also a feast for the eyes. Whether filling, icing, glazing, decorating, or preparing truffles and ganache cakes, Wonder Ganache is your culinary companion, ready to transform your creations into delightful masterpieces.




  • Ready-to-Use Elegance: Experience the epitome of convenience with Wonder Ganache. No more tedious preparations – just melt and apply for a rich chocolate truffle cake or any other delightful creation. Wonder Ganache ensures that the richness of chocolate indulgence is at your fingertips without compromising on quality.
  • Versatile Application: Wonder Ganache is more than a ganache; it's a versatile companion in your culinary journey. From frosting cakes and cupcakes to creating truffles, brownies, and more, Wonder Ganache opens up a world of possibilities for your creative exploration.


  • Glossy Perfection: Achieve perfection with the smooth, glossy surface that Wonder Ganache imparts to your creations. Elevate the visual appeal of your cakes, pastries, and desserts with a finish that reflects the premium quality and craftsmanship infused into every jar.
  • Stability Beyond Compare: Wonder Ganache sets a new standard with its exceptional stability upon setting. No more worries about a sagging or uneven surface – Wonder Ganache ensures a flawlessly set ganache that enhances the overall presentation of your culinary delights.


Intense Chocolate Bliss: Savor the symphony of intense chocolate bliss that Wonder Ganache brings to your desserts. Every bite is an immersion into the deep, velvety richness of premium chocolate, delivering a sensory experience that lingers on the palate.

Product Details

Sizes Available


Shelf Life

9 Months

See packaging date.


Store in a cool & dry place in the tightly closed original packing.

Usage Directions

Wonder Ganache is used in filling, icing, glazing, decoration and preparation of Truffle or Ganache Cakes, Pastries, Tarts, Desserts etc. It can be used by following the below method-

  1. Heat and Melt: Take required quantity of Wonder Ganache and heat (indirect) it up to 40-45 °C or until you get a workable consistency in the product. 
  2. Apply: Mix with spoon and apply on cake, pastries like usual truffle. Let your creativity flow as you indulge in the effortless application of this indulgent ganache.




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