Premium Whipping Cream

Premium Whipping Cream

Premium Whipping Cream Premium Whipping Cream Premium Whipping Cream Premium Whipping Cream Premium Whipping Cream

Non-Dairy Whipping Cream

Size : 1Kg

Shelf Life : 12 Months

Tropolite Premium Non Dairy Whip Creme is a premium quality whipping cream used for innovative artisanal topping creations, including icing and decoration of Cakes and Pastries. This product gives better stability to bakery and beverage icing and has good volume. Designed to elevate your cake toppings and pastries, Tropolite Premium Whipping Cream is more than a cream; it's a canvas for your culinary artistry. Dive into the epitome of sophistication, where each whip is a brushstroke of elegance, giving an apical finish with stable peaks and smooth edges.




  • Versatile for Culinary Artistry: Tropolite Premium is your canvas for culinary expression, effortlessly adapting to various applications, from intricate cake decorations to velvety pastry toppings.
  • Innovative Decorations: Craft with ease; Tropolite Premium is designed for the modern baker's convenience, ensuring your creative process remains seamless.


  • Perfect for Sharp Edges: Achieve precision in every detail. Tropolite Premium excels in creating sharp edges, allowing your cake decorations to stand out with unmatched finesse.
  • Smooth Finish Excellence: Revel in a smooth finish that defines elegance. Tropolite Premium adds a luxurious touch to your creations, making every dessert an exquisite masterpiece.
  • Highly Stable Whipping: Experience stability at its finest. Tropolite Premium stands unwavering upon whipping, ensuring that your culinary creations maintain their form and structure.
  • Excellent Volume Mastery: Elevate your bakes with impressive volume. Tropolite Premium creates airy textures that enchant the palate, making every bite a moment of delight.


  • Contains Sugar for Perfect Sweetness: Tropolite Premium contains the perfect amount of sugar, ensuring your creations are infused with just the right level of sweetness, eliminating the need for additional adjustments.
  • Seamless Harmony with Tropolite Gel-O-Colors: Unlock a spectrum of colors effortlessly. Tropolite Premium seamlessly integrates with Tropolite Gel-O-Colors, offering a palette for your culinary imagination to run wild.
  • Stiff Peaks in 5 Minutes: Time is of the essence. Tropolite Premium's efficient whipping performance allows you to achieve stiff peaks within 5 minutes, ensuring a swift and reliable process.

Product Details

Sizes Available


Shelf Life

12 Months

See packaging date.


Store Frozen (at or below -18°C in its original packing).

Usage Directions

  1. Thaw under refrigeration (2°C to 7°C) for 10-12 hours & shake well before use.

  2. Pour into cool bowl upto 20% of the bowl capacity.

  3. Whip on medium speed until product start to thicken then on high speed until soft peaks forms.

  4. Use whipped cream for icing & decoration of cakes and pastries or any other intended use.

  5. Store whipped product under refrigerated condition.


*Be careful not to over whip. Over whipping may result in cracking of gateaux.

Store whipped product under refrigeration (0°C to 5°C).


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