Wexford Whipping Cream

Wexford Whipping Cream

Wexford Whipping Cream Wexford Whipping Cream

Irish Dairy Whipping Cream

Size : 1 Ltr

Shelf Life : 9 Months

At the heart of Wexford Whipping Cream lies the essence of Irish dairy heritage. Sourced from grass-fed dairy herds in the lush pastures of Ireland, Wexford whipping cream embodies a rich, creamy taste that is unrivaled in quality and authenticity. With a fat content of 35.1%, Wexford Irish Whipping Cream promises remarkable stability and volume when whipped, ensuring flawless peaks and shapes in your desserts. But the versatility of Wexford extends beyond cakes and sweet dessert treats; its multifunctional nature makes it ideal for a wide range of culinary applications, from savoury sauces, soups to creamy gravies, adding a touch of decadence to your dish. With Wexford, every creation becomes the food connoisseur's choice, embodying the essence of European excellence and delighting palates.




  • Multi-function Usage: From delicate cakes and desserts to savoury soups, sauces and gravies, explore the multifunctional uses of Wexford Irish Whipping Cream in your culinary masterpieces.
  • Imported From Europe: Wexford Whipping Cream is imported from Europe by Tropolite, and is available year round at an affordable price point.


  • Smooth Flowable Consistency: Create sumptuous toppings for desserts, beverages, and more with Wexford Irish Whipping Cream's smooth flowable consistency.
  • High Fat, Stable Peaks: With Wexford’s 35.1% high fat content, you can achieve perfect peaks and shapes, ensuring consistency and precision in every dish.


  • Pure Irish Goodness: Made from top-quality milk sourced from grass-fed dairy herds in Ireland, Wexford Irish Whipping Cream promises an unparalleled taste and velvety texture.
  • Creamy Mouthfeel: Indulge in the luxurious creamy mouthfeel that defines Wexford Irish Dairy Whipping Cream.

Product Details

Sizes Available

1 Ltr

Shelf Life & Storage

9 Months

See packaging date.


Store chilled between 4°C and 8°C.

Product Facts

  • Fat Content: 35.1%
  • Origin: Imported from Europe, Produced & Packed in Ireland

Usage Directions

  • Ideal temperature for whipping is +2° C to +5° C.
  • Shake well before use and pour the cream into a chilled bowl.
  • Whip the cream at medium speed for 3-4 minutes.
  • 5-10% Sugar can be added as per recipe.

Storage Instructions:

  • After opening, keep refrigerated between 2°C and 5 °C & use within 3 days.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • Do not freeze.



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