Decadent Chocolate Crunchy Ball Cake Recipe

Decadent Chocolate

Crunchy Ball Cake Recipe

45 mins

Prep time


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Looking for an easy, delicious dessert to make with your kids? Look no further! This chocolate crunchy ball cake is the perfect solution.

It's made with simple ingredients, requires only a few minutes of preparation time, and tastes absolutely delicious. Plus, it looks like something you'd find in a bakery! Let’s get started.

How to Make It?

Ingredients For Chocolate Moist Cake:

  1. 300 gm Tropolite Chocolate Cake Premix
  2. 180 gm Water
  3. 20 gm Oil

Ingredients For Nutella Cream:

  1. 300 gm Tropolite Ecotrop Whipping Cream
  2. 50 gm Nutella hazelnut paste 
  3. 5 gm Tropolite Chocolate Aroma
  4. 100 gm Chopped almond 

Ingredients For Hand Made Chocolate Crunch Ball:

  1. 150 gm Milk Chocolate Melted 
  2. 30 gm Crushed Corn Flakes
  3. 100 gm Dark Chocolate Ganache 

Ecotrop Whipping Cream

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Tropolite Ecotrop is a whipping cream used for icing and decoration of cakes and pastries. This product gives better stability to bakery and beverages, icings and has good volume.


Zero Maida Cake Mixes

Bakery Bakery Premixes

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Aromas- Colour & Flavour Emulsion

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Variety Mix

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Step 1

Process for making Chocolate moist cake 

  1. Place Water and Tropolite Variety Cake Mix - Chocolate in a mixing bowl and whisk at slow speed for 1 minute.

  2. Scrape the batter and whisk at high speed for 4 minutes.
  3. Reduce the mixing and pour the required quantity of Oil into the batter and whisk at a slow speed for 1 minute.
  4. Scale the batter into well-greased cake molds.
  5. Bake at 170 °C for 30 to 35 minutes.

Step 2

Process for making Nutella cream

  1. Place Nutella in a mixing bowl and get a smooth paste and Tropolite Ecotrop and Tropolite chocolate aroma mix well and keep aside.

Step 3

Process for making Chocolate Crunch 

  1. Melt the 50 gm of milk chocolate and crushed cornflakes and sprinkle on silicon sheet till sheet and leave till chocolate sets. 
  2. Crush the Crumb in fine crumb and add dark chocolate ganache and make a round ball.  
  3. Melt the rest of the milk chocolate and dipped the cornflakes ball and keep on the silicon pad till set.

Step 4

For Cake assemble:

  1. Cut the Vegitrop chocolate sponge into three even layers.

  2. Take the first layer and sprinkle sugar syrup and apply Nutella-flavored chocolate cream and sprinkle chocolate crunch.
  3. Follow the same process in the second layer and in the end apply a third layer of Vegitrop chocolate sponge and covered with Nutella-flavored chocolate Cream.
  4. Sprinkle Roasted chocolate almonds on the side of the cake and decorate with a handmade chocolate crunchy chocolate ball.

Savor, Conclude, Delight

This Chocolate crunchy ball cake looks delicious and it's so easy to make.

Grab the products and start baking!


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