Ecotrop Whipping Cream

Ecotrop Whipping Cream

Ecotrop Whipping Cream Ecotrop Whipping Cream Ecotrop Whipping Cream Ecotrop Whipping Cream

Dairy Free Whip Topping

Size : 1Kg

Shelf Life : 12 Months

Presenting Tropolite Ecotrop, a dairy-free whipping cream infused with the magic and goodness of vegetable oil. Crafted for discerning bakers, this whipping cream is a symphony of precision, promising unrivaled stability and versatility. In the realm of baking, Ecotrop whipping cream isn't just an ingredient; it's your accomplice in creating culinary legacies, ensuring each dollop is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Ecotrop is used for icing and decoration of cakes and pastries. This product gives better stability to bakery and beverages, icings, and has good volume. It is an economical and great product to whip cream cakes and pastries.




  • Versatile Icing and Decoration: Ecotrop is your versatile companion, perfectly suited for icing cakes, topping desserts, mousses, and a myriad of dessert recipes. Unleash your creativity with ease.
  • Economical Brilliance: Craft economic marvels without compromising quality. Ecotrop is your go-to solution for economically whipping up cream cakes and pastries, ensuring brilliance within budget


  • Stellar Stability and Volume: Elevate your bakery creations with unmatched stability and impressive volume. Ecotrop stands tall, offering resilience that transforms every bake into a masterpiece.
  • Ideal for Bakery and Beverages: Tailored for the discerning baker, Ecotrop performs seamlessly in both bakery delights and beverage enhancements, ensuring a consistent touch of excellence.


  • Creamy Indulgence: Immerse yourself in the sensorial delight of creamy indulgence. Ecotrop brings a rich, smooth texture that envelops your creations with an irresistible touch.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Watch as your cakes and pastries become works of art. Ecotrop adds an aesthetic finesse, enhancing the visual allure of your culinary wonders.

Product Details

Sizes Available


Shelf Life

12 Months

See packaging date.


Store Frozen (at or below -18°C in its original packing).

Usage Directions

  1. Thaw under refrigeration (2°C to 7°C) for 10-12 hours & shake well before use.
  2. Pour into cool bowl upto 20% of the bowl capacity.
  3. Whip on medium speed until product start to thicken then on high speed until soft peaks forms.
  4. Use whipped cream for icing & decoration of cakes and pastries or any other intended use.
  5. Store whipped product under refrigerated condition.

Note: *Be careful not to over whip. Over whipping may result in cracking of gateaux.

Store whipped product under refrigeration (0°C to 5°C).


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