Ico Magic W/B

Ico Magic W/B Ico Magic W/B Ico Magic W/B Ico Magic W/B Ico Magic W/B

Ico Magic W/B

Water Base Premix For Soft Serve

Size : 1Kg

Shelf Life : 12 Months

Dive into the world of creamy soft serve perfection with Tropolite Ico Magic W/B. This water-based, ready-to-use, cold-soluble instant mix is crafted to provide a luscious texture, delightful mouthfeel, and enhanced melt resistance without any ice crystals. Explore stability, increased melting resistance, and an impeccable creaminess that sets your soft serve apart. Tropolite Ico Magic W/B is the secret ingredient that transforms your soft serve into a creamy sensation. With each serving, you're not just offering ice cream; you're crafting a delightful experience and melting moments for your customers.




  • Ready-to-Use Cold Soluble Mix: Simplify your soft serve preparation with Tropolite Ico Magic W/B. This ready-to-use, cold-soluble mix streamlines your process, allowing you to deliver consistently exceptional soft serve.
  • Stability for a Lasting Enjoyment: Ensure a lasting enjoyment experience. Tropolite Ico Magic W/B brings stability to your soft serve, maintaining its deliciousness from the first serving to the last.


  • Creamy Texture and Mouthfeel: Immerse yourself in the creamy texture and delightful mouthfeel of Tropolite Ico Magic W/B. This premix guarantees a luscious and indulgent soft serve experience with every scoop.
  • Melt Resistance and Crystal-Free Delight: Bid farewell to ice crystals. Tropolite Ico Magic W/B offers enhanced melt resistance, ensuring your soft serve maintains its perfect consistency, even in warmer conditions, while remaining crystal-free.


Good Creaminess Every Time: Experience the magic of good creaminess with every soft serve creation. Tropolite Ico Magic W/B promises a rich and velvety finish, pleasing the palates of soft serve enthusiasts.

Product Details

Sizes Available


Shelf Life

12 Months

See packaging date.


Refrigerated conditions below 10 degree celsius. Do not freeze.

Usage Directions

  • Mix Icomagic W/B Vanilla in Water until it gets dissolve completely.               
  • Add Colour & Flavour according to your choice in case of neutral or you can directly use flavoured Ico Magic product as desired.
  • Transfer the mix into softy machine. When machine achieves the right temperature of -5°C, dispense soft icecream.


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