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Fruit Cream Cake


Ingredients used

Delicate, light, moist, creamy, and packed with fresh fruits, sounds like a summer fantasy cake out of a movie right? Well, what if we tell you we have the perfect recipe to make this dream a reality? Yes. You have heard that right. 

Once you add some almond flavors and whipping cream, you have got a dream boat! For all the folks out there who aren't huge fans of chocolate cakes, this fresh fruit cream cake will undoubtedly be a pleasure for you! 

How to Make It?

  1. Cake Flour
  2. Fresh Fruit Filling
  3. Cream Cheese For Frosting
  4. Vanilla Extract
  5. Decorations




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Step 1

The Cake Base

  1. Bake a Soft and Spongy cake base as the first phase for making a fruit cream. A pound cake is something we suggest making. However, if you're pressed for time, our vanilla cake premix will help you whip one up instantly.

  2. We ensure that our premixes, such as the plum cake premix, red velvet premix, vanilla cake premix, etc., do not sacrifice quality or taste in favor of ease of preparation, in contrast to other premixes that taste poor despite being easy to make. We pledge to provide you with the chance to create the tastiest fruit cream cake you've ever had.

Step 2

The Fresh Fruit Filling

  1. The most entertaining part of the entire fruit cream cake is unquestionably this step. The fresh fruit filling is actually incredibly simple to make. Granulated sugar, water, and your preferred fruits cut into medium-sized bits are the ingredients you'll need.

  2. It's important to use the fruit that you love while making a fruit cake. Kiwi, pineapple, apple, cherry, mango, grapes, and oranges are a few of the fruits we recommend. Be certain to completely peel all necessary fruits, such as mango, orange, and pineapple. Additionally, be sure to remove the seeds from any other stone fruits you plan to use, such as peaches and litchi.

  3. In the interim, granulated sugar and water should be added to a pot. Cook this mixture on low to medium heat until all of the sugar has dissolved. Thereafter add the fruit and cover it with the sugar mixture. Cook this until the fruit softens and the sugar syrup thickens just a bit.

  4. Strain out the fruits as soon as it is finished. Don't forget to reserve the sugar so you can soak the cakes later while assembling.

Step 3

Frost Cream

  1. Without whipped cream frosting, no fruit cream cake is complete. Since we are preparing a tiered fruit cream cake, we need the frosting to be sturdy in order for it to bind the cake sponges and the fruit mixture in position. There are only two additional components required to make stabilized whipped cream: cream cheese and vanilla extract.

  2. Whip the cream until it forms extremely soft peaks, then fold in the cream cheese and vanilla and whip once more until stiff peaks form. It's important to avoid over-whipping stable whipped cream. If cream cheese splits, the cake's whipped cream layer won't look as smooth. But no matter how good you whip the cream, it would only taste divine if it’s made with quality whipping cream. And which whipping cream is best for cake? Tropolite of course!

Step 4


  1. As the final step of making fruit cream cake, cut the cake in half horizontally. Lift the top later slowly, then set it down. Cover both cake pieces with the sugar juice syrup. This assures the fruit cream cake a rich, luscious texture. Put the base layer on a serving plate or cake tray. Apply the frosting mix and spread it evenly over the cake's bottom portion using a cake spatula. Place a generous amount of the diced fruit on top of the cream.

Savor, Conclude, Delight

And Ta-Da! You have successfully made one gorgeous, finger-licking fruit cream cake! That said what makes a tasty cream cake is top-notch whipping cream.  

Having trouble finding quality whipping cream? Shop from Tropolite, the best whipped cream brand in India, to find exquisite whipping cream and more at one convenient location. Tropolite provides all the goods you want, including vanilla cake premix and white fondant.


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