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A Delicious Fondant Cake Recipe

You Cannot Resist!

We have all tried fondant cake. It is one of those tricky elements in a cake which people find sugary to eat. While a good quality store-bought fondant is quick and easy sometimes, it’s satisfying to make your fondant. This marshmallow fondant recipe is delicious, and you won’t have to peel the fondant away the next time you want to enjoy your cake.

One of the best parts of this recipe is that it covers the cake without tearing or bubbles. Adding a store-bought fondant to the recipe improves the workability of the fondant to get us the desired texture. 

How to Make It?


  1. Unflavoured gelatin 2 tsp
  2. Cold water ¼ cup 
  3. Glucose Syrup or Corn Syrup ½ cup
  4. Glycerin 1 tbsp 
  5. Shortening or Butter 2 tbsp
  6. Confectioners Sugar 8 cups
  7. Marshmallows 1 packet

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Step 1

Melt the marshmallows in a microwave bowl

Step 2

Combine gelatin and cold water in a double boiler. Let stand until thick, and then heat until dissolved. Add the melted marshmallows to this mixture.

Step 3

Add glucose and glycerin and mix well. Stir in shortening; before it’s melted, remove from heat and stir in vanilla. Allow cooling until lukewarm.

Step 4

Put confectioners sugar in a large bowl.

Step 5

Make well in the center. Stir in a lukewarm gelatin mixture using a wooden spoon.

Step 6

Mix in a bit of sugar at a time until stickiness disappears. Knead in remaining sugar.

Step 7

Knead until smooth and not sticky. If too soft, add sugar. If too stiff, add water a drop at a time.

Step 8

Finally, add some store-bought fondant to mix easily with bubbling up for a smooth surface.

Savor, Conclude, Delight

Make sure when you use a store bought fondant to mix with the recipe you invest in a premium quality one  to ensure you get the perfect texture while rolling out the fondant on your cake.

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